Baseball team promises to help Tom Brady find his missing Super Bowl jersey

On Sunday, Tom Brady became the most decorated quarterback of all time. He won his fifth Super Bowl championship and fourth Super Bowl MVP award (both NFL records) after engineering an improbable comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, all but cementing his G.O.A.T. status.

Unfortunately, what should have been a perfect night ended disappointingly for Brady when the jersey he wore during the game went missing minutes after he removed it.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick understands the gravity of this memorabilia being missing — a priceless jersey that should end up in the Hall of Fame — and has called upon the Texas Rangers to help.

But there’s one problem that’s causing some confusion… the Texas Rangers are also a baseball team.

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The Patriots have a secret good luck charm who has never lost a game

There were many stars who shone brightly during the New England Patriots’ historic comeback to win Super Bowl LI. James White led the team in receiving yards and touchdowns, LeGarrette Blount led in rushing, Julian Edelman made a game-saving catch and Tom Brady snagged his record-setting fourth Super Bowl MVP award.

But there was a much quieter hero on the field Sunday night. Dion Lewis, a young running back, had a humble but respectable 27 rushing yards on six carries. He did not score a touchdown, and left late in the game due to injury.

Dion Lewis has also never lost a game playing on the Patriots.

We repeat: He has never. Lost. A game.

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50 years of elation and heartbreak: Looking back at the history of the Super Bowl

For the past five decades, millions of Americans have huddled around radios and televisions for the big game, the ultimate one-game playoff, the day second only to Thanksgiving for food consumption — the Super Bowl.

The game has changed quite a bit since its inception 50 years ago. In fact, the first two NFL championships weren’t even called Super Bowl games. 1967 and 1968, the Green Bay Packers won what was then referred to as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game between the American Football League (AFL) and National Football League (NFL), over Kansas City and Oakland, respectively.

The first use of the title ‘Super Bowl’ came in 1969 with Super Bowl III, and the name was then retroactively applied to Super Bowls I and II.

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The Patriots’ Super Bowl LI roster bears an uncanny resemblance to an earlier championship team

The New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl. At this point, no one should really be shocked by that anymore.

Super Bowl LI will mark the ninth time the Patriots play in the big game, which is a new NFL record. Seven out of those nine appearances have come under the tutelage of head coach Bill Belichick and were started by his golden quarterback, Tom Brady.

The team suiting up in white this Sunday bears some understandable similarities to the Patriots’ last championship roster, since their most recent Super Bowl victory came just two years ago at Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona. However, these Patriots also bear an uncanny resemblance to a much earlier squad — the Patriots of Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004.

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A look back at the best photos from the year in sports

2016 was a beast of a year.

With all that went on in news and politics around the world, it was nice to be able to sit back, relax and watch some sports every once in a while.

… Sorry, did we say ‘relax’? We meant scream and jump and cry and pull your hair out and not relax even a little bit at all.

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(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Alternative views from the sidelines of the Rio Olympics

Every other year, the spectacle of the Olympics captures the attention of people from every corner of the globe. This year, we were treated to the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where record-setting swims, incredible gymnastic feats and the world’s fastest man entertained us for over two weeks.

The action on the tracks, balance beams and diving boards wasn’t all that went on, though — events like the Olympics take plenty of time to prepare and maintain.

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(Photo via REUTERS/Kevin Coombs)

TBT: Allyson Felix had an early start towards track and field greatness

United States Olympian Allyson Felix made headlines this week when anunconventional but totally legal dive kept her from a gold medal in the women’s 400-meter race. She’s still a winner in our hearts, though — and in quite a few other events, too.

After securing silver in the 400-meter, Felix officially became the most decorated female Olympian in U.S. track and field history, edging out the great Jackie Joyner-Kersee with a total of seven medals.

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TBT: Jordan Rodgers the quarterback, pre-‘Bachelorette’

Jordan Rodgers captured America’s hearts over the past few months as we watched him fall in love with now-fiancee JoJo Fletcher on season 12 of ‘The Bachelorette.’

Throughout the show, Jordan’s profession was listed as “former pro quarterback,” which brought him plenty of attention. He was also forced to talk quite a bit about his estranged brother, Aaron Rodgers, who you may have heard of — he also plays a little bit of football out in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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The final Jordan Rodgers ‘Bachelorette’ update: Week 10

Congratulations, Bachelor Nation and Team Jordan, you’ve made it to the end of ‘The Bachelorette’ season 12! If you didn’t watch last night’s episode and you’re somehow still unaware of who the winner is, we suggest you get off the internet right now because we — along with everyone else online — are about to spoil it for you.

With their daughter and her two remaining boyfriends still hanging out in Thailand, JoJo’s parents and siblings have no choice but to fly out to Phuket if they want to meet their future son-in-law/brother-in-law before the proposal.

Jordan, America’s favorite former quarterback and estranged brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, meets the Fletcher family first. He gets about 30 seconds of screen time before the show switches its attention to Robby “The Ken Doll” Hayes for an hour.

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