Athletes step up their game with 2017 Halloween costumes

Star athletes like LeBron James and Stephen Curry are likely popular Halloween costumes among their trick-or-treating fans — but that doesn’t mean the players themselves can’t dress up, too!

With Halloween landing on a Tuesday this year, celebrations across the world spanned the entire weekend as well as the first two days of the week.

LeBron, for instance, hosted a costume party for his teammates on the team’s off day on Monday. The host donned an eerily realistic outfit of Pennywise the clown from hit movie ‘It’ with full face paint that will haunt the nightmares of fans and opponents alike.

Curry also drew inspiration from the cinema for his costume this year, dressing as Jigsaw from the iconic ‘Saw’ horror films — even riding his bicycle to work to remain in character.

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The tallest families in the history of the NBA will make you feel like a shrimp

While the average American man stands at a respectable 5 foot 9, that barely holds a candle to the average NBA player, who comes in at a whopping 6 foot 7.

That’s not to say shorter players can’t excel at basketball — we saw 5-foot-9 Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics put on a clinic this season — but generally speaking, being tall will help you out in the NBA.

Luckily for many, height is largely genetic, and several tall families have dominated professional basketball throughout its history.

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Stephen Curry shows off never-before-seen moves — and talks family, March Madness and the changing NBA

Growing up, the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry wanted to be a combination of NBA legends Reggie Miller and Steve Nash. At 29, the team’s pride and reigning league MVP seems to have come pretty close to having attained that goal already.

Curry, who averages more than 22 points per game over his career (even higher this season), has something neither Miller nor Nash ever secured — an NBA championship.

His success is due largely in part to his dedication to practicing his skills. And now, fans can watch the greatness that is Steph Curry on the court in a brand new way

The point guard partnered with Degree to produce a 360-degree video, showing off his moves and creativity like never before.

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Stephen Curry has a strange habit of lying down during major games

Stephen Curry is an NBA Champion. He is a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a four-time NBA All-Star. He is heralded as one of the best shooters of all time, from free throws to three-pointers and every clutch moment in between.

He also likes to lie down. Like, a lot.

Okay, every human likes to lie down. We do it every night when we go to sleep — and who doesn’t love sleep? But not all of us do it in the middle of professional basketball games.

Curry’s curious habit has been noticed a few times, most recently during Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game. He laid himself flat on the ground and covered his head in order to avoid being dunked on by Eastern Conference All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo.

We get it. Getting dunked on by a 6 foot 11, 220-pound 22-year-old doesn’t sound like a good time. Also, this incident would have just been a funny highlight if it was the only time it happened.

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TBT: Stephen Curry at NBA All-Star Weekend 1992

Stephen Curry has been a figure at NBA All-Star Games since before his career even started, and likely before he was speaking in complete sentences, because he’s Stephen Curry and that’s just what he does.

In 1992, three-year-old Steph was photographed with his father, Dell, at the Three-Point Contest which has long been a staple of All-Star Weekend. Also featured in the throwback photo are Mitch Richmond of the Sacramento Kings and Drazen Petrovic of the New Jersey Nets … and we’re also pretty sure that Steph’s first NBA coach, Don Nelson, in the row behind him. Talk about foreshadowing.

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