TBT: When A-Rod was the starting shortstop for the Seattle Mariners

It’s been a long and interesting road for Alex Rodriguez, once one of the most highly touted prospects in all of baseball and now a member of both the 600 home run club and the 3,000 hit club.

Born in the Manhattan borough of New York City, Rodriguez grew up a fan of the New York Mets, likely never imagining he would later become one of the most recognizable members of the Mets’ crosstown rivals, the New York Yankees.

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TBT: Jordan Rodgers the quarterback, pre-‘Bachelorette’

Jordan Rodgers captured America’s hearts over the past few months as we watched him fall in love with now-fiancee JoJo Fletcher on season 12 of ‘The Bachelorette.’

Throughout the show, Jordan’s profession was listed as “former pro quarterback,” which brought him plenty of attention. He was also forced to talk quite a bit about his estranged brother, Aaron Rodgers, who you may have heard of — he also plays a little bit of football out in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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TBT: Brett Favre as a junior in college in 1989

The color green, the number four, the word “retirement” — all of these things have become nearly synonymous with the name Brett Favre.

Favre, who spent the majority of his 20-year NFL career with the Green Bay Packers and the entirety of it wearing No. 4, will be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame in August. However, Favre’s Hall of Fame career began way before he ever stepped foot onto Lambeau Field.

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TBT: James Harden when he wasn’t too lazy to shave his beard

James Harden: the man, the beard, the legend. It’s hard to believe there was a time before that glorious facial hair was a part of our lives, but we found evidence of a barefaced Harden’s existence — way back in 2005, when he was just 15 years old.

Harden has said that the infamous beard began in 2009, when he was at Arizona State and just too lazy to shave.

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TBT: Tim Duncan when he was just a draft prospect

After five NBA championships, two MVP awards, 15 All-Star Games and 19 seasons with the Spurs, Tim Duncan decided it was time to call it a career.

Duncan has been around for so long, it’s hard to believe he was ever anything other than San Antonio’s star forward — but, like all other players, there was a time when he was simply a draft prospect.

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TBT: This once-nameless baseball player is now a huge star

Twenty-four years, three World Series championships and over 500 home runs ago, a young man by the name of David Arias was signed out of high school by the Seattle Mariners. He spent four years in the Mariners’ farm system before being traded to the Minnesota Twins in 1996 as a ‘player to be named later.’

Upon arriving in Minnesota, that player to be named later informed his new team that Arias was not his preferred last name — he would rather be listed as David Ortiz. In 2003, when he joined the Boston Red Sox, he became Big Papi.

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TBT: Kevin Garnett slays his 1995 rookie photoshoot

We were all young once. Those of us who were young in the 1990s know that the fashion choices back then weren’t necessarily the greatest, but some people really managed to pull off the ’90s look — people like Minnesota Timberwolves big man Kevin Garnett.

Garnett was taken straight out of high school by the Timberwolves in the first round of the 1995 NBA Draft. Needless to say, he looked like a total stud during the rookie photoshoot that followed.

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TBT: LeBron James has barely aged in 13 years

Everyone has an opinion about Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. Is he the greatest basketball player of all time? Could be. Is he the face of the NBA? Maybe. Is he going to win not two, not three, not four NBA championships? Possibly.

One thing we know for sure, though, is that LeBron was once a regular old teenager just like us — at least, sort of — and he’s barely aged since.

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TBT: Sidney Crosby’s colorful photoshoot from the 2005 NHL Draft

Sidney Crosby: two-time NHL MVP, 2009 Stanley Cup champion, Pittsburgh Penguins captain and… amateur model?

Looking back at Crosby’s Draft Day photoshoot, that seems to be the case. In honor of the Penguins being back in — and close to winning — the Stanley Cup Finals right now, we dug up a few throwback gems of Sid the Kid from the 2005 NHL Entry Draft.

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TBT: Joe Thornton in his early, beardless Bruins days

Joe Thornton has been a staple in the National Hockey League since he was drafted first overall by the Boston Bruins in 1997 — but if you somehow haven’t been keeping up with him since then, you probably wouldn’t recognize him now.

Thornton came into the league fresh-faced and starry-eyed after two years in the Ontario Hockey League. He played with the Bruins until 2005, becoming the team’s captain and a fan-favorite but never winning the Stanley Cup.

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