Stephen Curry has a strange habit of lying down during major games

Stephen Curry is an NBA Champion. He is a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a four-time NBA All-Star. He is heralded as one of the best shooters of all time, from free throws to three-pointers and every clutch moment in between.

He also likes to lie down. Like, a lot.

Okay, every human likes to lie down. We do it every night when we go to sleep — and who doesn’t love sleep? But not all of us do it in the middle of professional basketball games.

Curry’s curious habit has been noticed a few times, most recently during Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game. He laid himself flat on the ground and covered his head in order to avoid being dunked on by Eastern Conference All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo.

We get it. Getting dunked on by a 6 foot 11, 220-pound 22-year-old doesn’t sound like a good time. Also, this incident would have just been a funny highlight if it was the only time it happened.

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